Welcome to Quitman County, Mississippi!

QUITMAN COUNTY is about 400 square miles of rich alluvial agricultural resources lying within the Mississippi and Yazoo delta region in the northwestern portion of the State. Three rivers run through the county: the Coldwater, the Big Tallahatchie and the Little Tallahatchie. Mississippi State highways 6 and 3 intersect the center of the county in Marks, the county seat. The main line of the Illinois Central Gulf railroad runs the length of the county.

Photo courtesy of Roland L. Freeman

MARKS, Mississippi, is perhaps most notable for being the starting point of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr's. Poor People's Campaign in 1968. Dr. King labeled the Campaign the "second phase" of the civil right's struggle as he traversed the country assembling a multiracial group to demand economic aid to the poorest communities of the United States. Nine "caravans" from different regions were to go to Washington, DC; the middle caravan was called the "MULE TRAIN" from Marks, MS.